Amston Lake Association Clubhouse Usage

Covid-19 Notice


The Amston Lake Clubhouse is available for use during the current Covid-19 pandemic as long as social distancing guidelines and cleaning procedures are followed.

If you cannot socially distance and do not wear a mask at your event, Governor Lamont has implemented fines for mask and event size violations.

  • $100 fine for individuals who do not follow the state’s mask order

  • $500 fine for organizing an event that exceeds size limits

  • $250 fine for those who attend events that exceed size limits

Currently, gatherings of 25 people are allowed indoors and 100 person gatherings are allowed outdoors. Fines can be issued by law enforcement, local chief elected official designees and local public health officials.

All tables, chairs and surfaces that are used during your event are to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes provided by the ALA. By entering into a Clubhouse Usage agreement with the Amston Lake Association you agree to follow social distancing and cleaning guidelines.


September 20, 2020

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